Decorate your photos with photo card frames

During a digital age, digital photos gets popular and common. Many persons will have such doubts: When I have little computer and graphic knowledge,
Can I decorate my photos?
Can I make a photo cards?
Can I blend photos with card frames?

With the help of Photo Card Maker, all the answers to these questions are "Yes"or "Sure", even if you are new to this amazing photo editor - Photo Card Maker or really paid little attention before, you can find that you will control and use it quickly.

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Various Photo Card Frames provided by Photo Card Maker

There is no need to be afraid of designing the digital photo picture frame to fit the photos. Photo Card Maker supplies with hundreds of photo templates or frames for you to decorate the photos or pictures. The photo frames have many categories such as Cartoon, Christmas, General, Holiday, Seasonal, Sport, Travel and Others.

various templates

You can easily choose a suitable template for your photos. It still offers photo card frames for holidays or other greeting occasions, like New Year, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, anniversaries or any occasions.

               various greeting card templates

The website will update the photo frames from time to time, you can download them from the website and import them into your Photo Card Maker before using. The frames only works in Photo Card Maker.

After you have downloaded a template from our website (*.zip file), follow the next steps to import the frames.


Download, install and run Photo Card Maker program.


Click "Import Template", a file selecting dialog will pop up. Please select the template(*.zip) file, then click "Open". Photo Card Maker starts importing. The software will uncompress the zip folder automatically.

When the process finished, you can click "Select Template" to select the right category and see the new templates there.

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Decorate or blend photos with Photo Frames

Photo Card Maker is an easy-to-use and useful photo editing tool, which blends kinds of photos and decorate them with beautiful photo frames. You can also rotate, resize, move the photos, and adjust the position and size by just clicking and dragging.

It also supports imputting texts and changing the text font, color and size.

Moreover, the cool and multitudinous photo card frames make the photo's decorating and blending much easier. You can also customize any of the frames and save it to prepare for using directly next time.

a well-blended photo card