Use Photo Card Maker to DIY Photo Cards

Photo Card Maker makes it easy to DIY personalized photo cards. Use your digital photos, add a personal message and you have a perfect photo card! You can use Photo Card Maker to create your annual holiday card for family and friends and create unique photo cards for any occasions: birth announcements, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation, birthdays, party invites, Valentines Day, etc. Be creative, have fun and DIY a photo card right now!

Preview of Photo Card Maker

preview of Photo Card Maker

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DIY Photo Cards with Photo Card Maker

DIY is short for Do It Yourself, and DIY photo cards refers to make photo cards all by yourself. While Photo Card Maker is a powerful and professional photo cards making software, so you can DIY photo cards with Photo Card Maker.

Save Money Using Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is a complete freeware, and you can use it without spending any money and without any limitations for uncommercial purpose. Compared with ordering pre-designed photo cards from photo centers, it is much more cheaper.

Easy to DIY Photo Cards with Photo Card Maker

With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can DIY a photo card within a minute, and all operations can be finished with your mouse. In addition, it provides hundreds of exquisitely designed templates for various occasions for you to choose. You just add a photo and a photo card is made.

Control the Appearance and Style of Photo Cards

With Photo Card Maker, you are not limited to a set number of characters and lines, like most pre-designed photo cards that you order from photo centers, for you can stylize your message any way you want. Photo Card Make works like a word processor, allowing you to set text attributes (font, color, size and alignment) of your message. It also allows you to add multiple images to your photo card and move, resize and rotate these images to make special effect.

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