Create Fathers Day Cards with Free Cards Maker

Photo Card Maker is a free card maker for Fathers Day which can be used to DIY Fathers Day cards and make Fathers Day e-cards. It supports all popular image formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, JP2 etc, and the output cards can be saved as BMP, JPG, or PNG.

Delicate Fathers Day templates

Below is the combined picture of 10 newly released free Fathers Day templates. All of them are elegant and original, and no matter you like cartoon style or practical, you can find the one you like.

free fathers day templates

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Easily make Fathers Day greeting cards

Fathers Day greeting cards are really easy to make with the help of Photo Card Maker, for there are simply two or three steps. You can choose a template and add a photo to make a card. Or you can choose a template and edit text to create a greeting card. Or you can choose a template, add a photo and edit text to DIY a Fathers Day e-cards. In a word, it is quite easy.

free fathers day card   fathers day greeting card

fathers day greeting card   happy fathers day card

Preview of Photo Card Maker

Below is the main interface of Photo Card Maker, and the default interface is Template interface.

main interface

Template – Under this interface, you can download more templates from website and import them to the program; select template from different categories; and modify templates and save them to use directly next time.

Photo – Under this interface, you can add photos to the template, easily make changes to photos with effect buttons and rotate them.

Text – Under this interface, you can modify default texts by double clicking them or insert text comments to your photo card directly. What's more, you are also able to set font, size, color and alignment.

Save – Use this button to save your well-designed photo cards as BMP, JPG or PNG format.

New – Click this button to start to edit another photo card.

Help – It can help you know more about the program and solve the problems you meet.

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