An Amazing Free Fathers Day Card Editor

The annual Fathers Day is upcoming and it is time for us to design Fathers Day cards for our lovely dads. Photo Card Maker is a free Fathers Day card editor which is specially designed for Windows users. It is professional, practical and easy to use, so it can surely do you a big favor on this special Fathers Day.

Key features of Photo Card Maker

Totally free

As a dad card editor, Photo Card Maker is completely free, so you can use it freely.

Support popular image formats

You can import BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, TIF, JP2, J2K image files to the program and you can save well-designed photo cards as BMP, JPG, JPEG or PNG format.

Easy to use

Its interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and there are three main components: template, photo and text, so there's no doubt that you can handle it at first sight.

Hundreds of templates for you to choose

In order to welcome the arrival of Fathers Day, it release a series of free Fathers Day templates which can help you easily create Fathers Day greeting cards.

In addition, you can also download other templates (cartoon, general, sports, seasonal, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day and so on) from our website and import them to the program to edit various photo cards freely.

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Save new templates

This program enables you to modify templates and save them to use directly next time.

Add and update text comments on your photo cards

You can edit the default texts on the template or insert new texts to your photo cards according to your needs.

Move, resize and rotate photo

You can use effect buttons to make changes to your photos or just by clicking and dragging to move and resize photos. What's more, you can also rotate the photo to a certain angle.

Incredible Fathers Day e-cards

It's Fathers Day! If your dad is far away, you can bridge the distance by sending him Fathers Day e-cards and let him know that you love and care him. Below are a couple of Fathers Day e-cards made with Photo Card Maker and we sincerely hope they can help you.

delicate fathers day greeting card   free fathers day greeting card

beautiful fathers day card    free fathers day card

beautiful fathers day greeting card    happy fathers day card

System Requirements

To install and use Photo Card Maker, the following system requirements are necessary:

> Windows XP or later version

> 700 MHz processor

> 256 megabytes (MB) or higher of RAM

> 10MB of available hard-disk space or higher

> XGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor