To make your own photo cards with free Photo Card Maker

It will be perfect if you can make your own photo cards for all occasions with a free card maker, won't it? Well, it is possible. Photo Card Maker is such a freeware to help you create all kinds of photo cards full of your imagination and creativity.

Wedding invitation cards, party or birthday invitation cards, baby announcement cards, thank you cards, love cards, cards for Dad on Father's Day, cards for Mum on Mother's Day, holiday cards, save a date cards, Christmas cards, all occasion cards can be well-designed and made by Photo Card Maker - a truly free and multifunctional photo card maker.

The following are some photo cards to show you what a good job Photo Card Maker can do for you.

Baby Announcement Card

a baby announcement card

To make an elaborate and stylish baby announcement photo card for the new burn baby is probably the most powerful wish for all new parents.

Well, the purchased cards has long been out of fashion. The latest trend now is to make your baby announcement card by yourself.

And Photo Card Maker is a good helper to help you make an elaborate baby announcement card.

Birthday Invitation Card

a birthday invitation card

Designing and making birthday invitation cards for your children by you own is much fun, isn't it?

Photo Card Maker can well help you make such wonderful cards with its numerous stylish photo templates and practical features.

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Wedding Invitation Card

a wedding invitation card

Wow, it is fantastic to make your wedding invitation cards by yourself. You can freely choose a suitable custom template from the various and colorful templates inbuilt Photo Card Maker.

Photo Card Maker allows you to design your own wedding invitation cards with your rich imagination and creativity.

A handcrafted photo card is more than a mere card, which also shows your care and strong affections to your special people. And you can create all kinds of photo cards with Photo Card Maker.

Features of free Photo Card Maker

  1. Hundreds of templates for you to choose
  2. The texts of the templates can be edited.
  3. Add text comments onto your photo
  4. Move, resize and rotate photo
  5. Support popular image formats, like Windows Bitmap (.BMP), PEG(.JPG), PNG (.PNG), TGA (.TGA), TIFF (.TIFF|.TIF), JP2 (.JP2|.J2K).
  6. Free download updated templates.
  7. Import new templates.
  8. An freeware.

Photo Card Maker prepares hundreds of colorful and stylish custom templates for you to make your own photo cards. And the templates always stay fresh with our continual updates, so you can free download new templates for Photo Card Maker from time to time. Besides, you can freely edit texts for your photo cards with numerous font styles, colors and sizes inbuilt Photo Card Maker. Of course, you can move, resize and rotate the inserted photos to better present your design ideas.

It is sure that Photo Card Maker will become your right-hand assistant for making your own photo cards. So interesting and convenient, why not have a try yourself?

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