Create a photo card with a free photo maker

Special events in your life deserve a special and unique way to share them with your family and friends, and to make a photo card by yourself is such a way without question. If you have the same idea as mine, then Photo Card Maker will be a best helper to you undoubtedly.

Photo Card Maker is a practical and multifunctional free photo maker, helping you make imaginative and creative photo cards effortlessly.

Wedding invitation cards, party or birthday invitation cards, baby announcement cards, thank you cards, love cards, cards for Dad on Father's Day, cards for Mum on Mother's Day, holiday cards, all these occasion cards can be well-designed and made by Photo Card Maker - a truly free photo card maker.

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The following are the main features of Photo Card Maker which are more helpful to create photo cards for you.

Hundreds of colorful templates for you to choose

Photo Card Maker prepared hundreds of free photo card templates for you. The exquisite custom templates will be perfectly blended with your photos, which makes the photo cards more natural and distinctive.

The templates inbuilt Photo Card Maker are classified into eight groups: Cartoon, Christmas, General, Holiday, Seasonal, Sport, Travel and Others. It is convenient and easy for you to choose suitable templates for your photos.

The screenshot below shows some of the templates inbuilt Photo Card Maker.

template models

Beautiful, aren't they? There are more inbuilt the software. Besides, we are working on updating the templates all the time. So you can free download new templates on our website from time to time.

Furthermore, the texts of the templates can be edited, so if you don't want the words of the templates, you can rewrite or delete them.

Add texts commons on your photos

Words on a photo cards is the direct way to express your feelings.

Photo Card Maker supports you adding texts on your photos. There are enough text fonts, text colors and text sizes for you to choose to create your desired photo cards. So, you can write anything in any way on the photo cards to make them more distinctive and interesting.

text editing

Support many image formats

Photo Card Maker supports many popular image formats, like Windows Bitmap(.BMP), PEG(.JPG), PNG(.PNG), TGA(.TGA), TIFF(.TIFF|.TIF), JP2(.JP2|.J2K), so you can make photo cards with photos of various formats on Photo Card Maker.

Move, resize and rotate photos

Photo Card Maker enables you to insert more than one photo. And you can move, resize and rotate the photos flexibly. The operations are quite simple.

Drag and drop the photos to place them in a proper position. Adjust the photo's size by dragging the corner points of the frame of the selected photo. To rotate a photo, you should move the cursor to the corner of the photo, right click it, and then move you mouse.

rotate photos

So convenient and easy to use, why not have a try on the free Photo Card Maker? You will surely satisfy with and appreciate the works it has done for you.

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