This set of templates has been designed for general photo card. It includes 15 templates in it.

After you have download it, then please import it into your PhotoCardMaker to start using. You can read the tutorial of importing your template.

Templates for General Photo Card

There are 15 templates in it. The thumbnail is just as below:

general template 1 general template 2 general template 3 general template 4 general template 5
general template 6 general template 7 general template 8 general template 9 general template 10
general template 11 general template 12 general template 13 general template 14 general template 15

the template will be install in "General" category. You can see them by click "Template -> Select Template", the Template Selecting window will popup. Select "General" in the category, you can see the new imported templates.

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Download & Import General Templates

The templates only works in PhotoCardMaker.

First of all, please check if you have installed the latest version of PhotoCardMaker. You may download the latest version from here. Then please download the templates from below:

Download templates #02 generalDownload general templates, released on April 28, 2008

After you have downloaded the zip file, you can import it into your PhotoCardMaker to start using. If you want to know how to import templates, please read tutorial of importing your template.