Perfect yet free card creator for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is coming, you can find a great deal of card creators for Grandparents Day by the search engines like Google, Yahoo or bing. But how to select a suitable one to make a grandparents day greeting card, this is the problem which need to work out.

Compared with other card makers, Photo Card Maker is the right answer.

Choose Photo Card Maker as card creator for Grandparents Day

Photo Card Maker is a free yet powerful card creator tool, with which, you can easily make a greeting photo card for most popular occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandparents Day, Valentine and so on.

Grandparents day greeting card     Grandparents day greeting card

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Powerful functions of Photo Card Maker

Various card templates for almost all occasions

There are a large amount of card templates provided by Photo Card Maker, some of them are built-in, some are placed and updated on the website. The card templates on the website are continually updated from time to time.

For example, When it is Christmas, it will release a series of Card templates for the Christmas. Halloween, Easter, valentine and other card templates are the same as well.

Now Grandparents Day is forthcoming, the developers also released several card templates special for Grandparents Day. With these card templates, you can make a quick yet meaningful greeting card for your favorite grandpa and grandma. This looks like great and amazing.

Grandparents day greeting card templates

Edit text provided by templates or add texts

The texts on the card templates can be edited or deleted if you aren't satisfied with them. In addition, you can add some new bless words to the greeting card, change the texts' font, color and size. The Photo Card Maker offers many types of font for you to choose.

You can add the words that you want to talk to your grandparents, moreover you can add text comments onto your photo to reappear some memory scene. This will make the greeting card more meaningful and interesting.

Add, move, resize and rotate photo

Do you want to make your greeting card unique? Why not creat a photo greeting card with your favorite photos.

Photos can be added to Photo Card Maker conveniently and easily. Beyond this, you can also move the photo's location, resize and rotate the photo for better. It is so cool with these flexible photo editing functions, isn't it?

Support most popular image formats

The current version of Photo Card Maker supports: Windows Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG), PNG (.PNG), TGA (.TGA), TIFF (.TIFF/.TIF) and JP2 (.JP2/.J2K).

Import / Export templates

Just click button "Import Template" to import more templates in the zip files which you can download from our website.

Not only you can import the card templates those download from the website, you can also export the edited card templates, save it and use them next time. Click button "Save Template" to save current template if you have made some changes. So you can use it next time.

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