How to make a grandparents Day greeting card easily and quickly

A greeting card

A greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, they are also sent to convey thanks or express other feeling.

Photo Greeting Cards

In recent years, photo greeting cards have gained widespread popularity and come in two main types. The first type are photo insert cards in which a hole has been cut in the center. Your photo slides in just like a frame. The second type are printed photo cards in which the photo is combined with artwork and printed, usually on a high-end digital press, directly onto the face of the card. Both types are most popular for sending holiday greetings such as Christmas, Hanukkah & for baby showers.

A grandparents day greeting card

When Grandparents day is coming, How would you like to send your best wishes to your grandparents? DIY a grandparents day greeting card, this may be an ideal present for your grandparents.

But how to make a grandparents day greeting card, it turns out a problem that is exigent to be solved.

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Guide to make make a grandparents Day greeting card easily and quickly

First of all, you need a tool to help you make the grandparents day greeting cards. Yes, it is Photo Card Maker.

Photo Card Maker is an easy to use card editor to create your photo greeting cards in a minute. You can choose one suitable card template from a variety of professional templates, and add your own pictures and text to make holiday photo cards, photo cards, Christmas photo cards, photo greeting cards, photo holiday cards, holiday photo greeting cards, personalized family photo cards.

With it, you could turn your pictures into announcements, invitations, holiday cards, and more all by yourself. Photo Card Maker supplies a plenty of templates built-in itself, and more & more templates on our website for all occasions would be released. You could download them and import into your PhotoCardMaker. And the template is free, too.

Step 1: Download and install Photo Card Maker, and then run it, you will see the next user interface:

Interface of photo card maker

Step 2: Download the grandparents day card templates, import to the software and select one.

For Grandparents day card templates are newly released, you need to download and import to Photo Card Maker at first.

Click button "Import Template" to import more templates in the files which you can download from our website.

Click button "Select Template", all the templates are listed in the popup dialog. In the "Category" drop-down list, choose "grandparents-day-2011", and double click one image to replace the current template.

Grandparents day card templates

Step 3: Add a photo and adjust to fit the card template

To make a special and personalized greeting card, you can add your favorite photo with your grandparents to the card templates to make a photo greeting card for Grandparents Day.

Add a photo

Adjust the photo to fit the card template better.

Adjust photo

Step 4: Insert words of blessing.

You may have several words spoken to your grandparens, or some best wishes, just insert texts to get the goal.

Insert texts

Step 5. Save the card.

After you complete and check all the above steps, you can save the edited card by clicking "Save" button.

Save Greeting card

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