We supply a lot of templates free online. You can download them, then import into your PhotoCardMaker to use.

Because the format of PhotoCardMaker is private now, so you can only import templates downloaded from our website. And the templates from our website is free, too.

Import free templates downloaded from our website

You can click here to check if there is new templates available. After you have downloaded a template from our website (*.zip file), please do as the following steps to import it into your Photo Card Maker:

STEP 1: Run PhotoCardMaker program.

STEP 2: Click button "Template" on the top part of PhotoCardMaker, to show up the template bar.

STEP 3: Click button "Import Template", a file selecting dialog will pop up. Please select the template(*.zip) file, then click "OK". Photo Card Maker starts to importing.

After import finished, you can click button "Select Template". Select category, you can see the new templates there.