How to Create a Photo Card with Photo Card Maker

Do you want to make exquisite and unique photo cards by yourself with a free card maker, and with the free card maker, you can optimize your photos to be more special and treasured? Yes? Then try Photo Card Maker - an absolutely free card maker, which helps you create photo cards full of your emotions for your friends, relatives or other special people.

Though Photo Card Maker is a freeware, it is practical and multifunctional, and surely enough, you will satisfy with its work.

Photo Card Maker prepares hundreds of stylish and free photo card templates for you to make photo cards. And the templates always stay fresh with continual updates, so you can free download new templates from time to time on our website. Besides, Photo Card Maker supports adding text commons on your photos, so you can make a photo card with your blessing words as gifts for your special people.

With Photo Card Maker, you can make a card full of your imagination and creativity, instead of something rigid and monotonous.

Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to create a photo card with Photo Card Maker.

Free download Photo Card Maker, install and start it.

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Step 1. Select a suitable template.

Photo Card Maker builds in various templates, and they are classified into eight categories, including Cartoon, Christmas, General, Holiday, Seasonal, Sport, Travel and Others.

christmas templates

You can easily choose a suitable template for your photos. Then, select the template, and press "OK" button. The template will be imported onto the editing platform.

cartoon templates

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Step 2. Add your photos onto the chosen template.

Photo Card Maker supports adding more photos onto the template one by one.

Click "Photo" button, from the pop-up file selection dialog choose the photo you want to edit, and then press "Open" button. You will see the photo show on the top-left corner of the template.

add photos


  1. The photo will be zoomed out if its size is larger than that of the template. Also, you can drag and drop the photo to place it in a proper position, adjust the photo's size by dragging the corner points of the frame of the selected photo, and if you want to rotate the photo, you should move the cursor to the corner of the photo, right click it, and then move you mouse.
  2. If you check "On Top Most", the photo will be always above the template, and if not, the photo will be covered by the template.

Step 3. Insert texts.

You can insert your emotional or blessing words onto your photo card with Photo Card Maker.

Click "Text" button to input texts onto the photo card.

Double-click on the button "Text", the font editing toolbar will show on the top left corner of the software. Choose the suitable font style, color and size for your photo card.

choose font,size and color for the text

Tips: You can change the position of the text by clicking and dragging it.If you want to modify the inserted text, select it, and then you can change the text's font, font color and font size on the text editing toolbar. In addition, to drag the corner points of the frame of the selected text can adjust the size of the text.

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Step 4. Save the photo card.

Now, you can save your finished photo card by pressing the button "Save". Then a dialog box will pop up. Choose the place where you want to save the photo card, input the file name in the "File name" InputBox, select the output graphic format you like, and then click "Save" button of the dialog.

save the photo card

Then, a photo card is finished. Beautiful, isn't it?

a beautiful photo card

Actually, the operation is more flexible. For example, you can add photos to the editing platform first, and then select an appropriate template for the photos.

In any rate, Photo Card Maker will become your excellent and efficient assistant, helping you make photo cards to your heart's content.

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