A Practical Photo Editing Software - Photo Card Maker

How to create a high quality photo card? Well, a practical and powerful photo editing software is indispensable. Photo Card Maker is such a photo editing software, enabling you to give full play to imagination and creativity to make all kinds of stylish photo cards. And, Photo Card Maker is a freeware for editing your photos.

Wedding invitation cards, party invitation cards, cards for Dad on Father's Day, cards for Mum on Mother's Day, birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, Valentine's cards, baby announcement cards, love greeting cards, New Year greeting cards, Christmas cards, all occasion cards can be well designed and made by Photo Card Maker - a free photo editing software.

Main features of the photo editing software

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Hundreds of stylish and diverse templates for editing your photos

Photo Card Maker prepares hundreds of stylish and free photo card templates for you to make photo cards. And the templates always stay fresh with our continual updates, so you can free download new templates from time to time on our website, and then import the downloaded templates into Photo Card Maker. Thus, you will have more choices on templates to make your desirable photo cards.

Here are some of the exquisite custom templates inbuilt Photo Card Maker.

exquisitely custom templates     exquisitely custom templates     exquisitely custom templates

Beautiful, aren't they?

Photo Card Maker divides its templates into eight categories, including Cartoon, Christmas, General, Holiday, Seasonal, Sport, Travel and Others. Each category contains a series of designed custom templates. And it is very convenient for you to select suitable templates for your photos.

Modify texts of custom templates for better editing your photos

Sometimes, the texts of a custom template are not suitable for your editing photos. At this time, you can rewrite or delete the texts for better editing your photos.

Select the text you don't want, then the text editing toolbar will appear on the top left corner. Then, you can rewrite the texts at will.

Or, you can delete the text directly. Select the text you don't want, and click "Delete" on the top right corner of the software. Then, the text will disappear.

modify texts

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Add text comments onto your photos

With Photo Card Maker, you can input anything you want to say on the photo card. Photo Card Maker provides a large number of font styles, font colors and font sizes for you to choose, so it is easy and convenient for you to make you own unique and interesting photo cards.

Move, resize and rotate photos

Photo Card Maker supports importing more photos on a template one by one. And of course, you can move, resize and rotate the photos to better design your photo cards. And the operations are quite easy.

Drag and drop the photos to place them in proper position. Adjust the photo's size by dragging the corner points of the frame of the selected photo. To rotate a photo, you should move the cursor to the corner of the photo, right click it, and then move your mouse.

drag and drop photos to suitable place and size

Do you have a better understanding of Photo Card Maker?

Then why don't you free download Photo Card Maker to turn your photos into delicate photo cards right away?

The following are some photo cards designed and made with Photo Card Maker. Of course, you can create even better photo cards than the ones below with free Photo Card Maker.

Baby Announcement Card

a baby announcement card

Give full play to your imagination and creativity, and surely you can make some artistic photo cards with Photo Card Maker.

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Happy Children's Day Card

a happy children's day card

A handmade simple card is enough to express your love. The important thing is you have poured your love into this small card, and the lucky person who will receive the card can certainly feel your strong love.

Thank You Card

a thank you card

Simple but elegant, a thank you card like this will surely convey your sincere thanks.

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