Free and Powerful Photo Editor - Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is a powerful photo editing application that can blend your favorite photos into an artistic card. The free photo editor makes photo editing funny, while allowing you to easily decorate your digital photos or pictures.

Furthermore, you can also add some pretty photo frames and card templates. As a matter of fact, you can write your comments on the photos in order to make it more attractive. Providing lots of templates of card, Photo Card Maker helps you easily create cool and wonderful cards with your own photos for Christmas, New Year, Holiday or any occasions in a minute.

Photo Card Maker is a totally freeware! All the templates for Kigo Photo Card Maker are free, too! You can use it anywhere for uncommerical purpose.

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Edit photos by adding a card template or photo frame

Photo frames is a quick and simple way to decorate photos, especially when you don't know much about the computer and professional graphic. With a suitable card template, you can show your wish or your intention on card directly.

There are kinds of card templates such as Christmas Templates, Cartoon Templates, Holiday Templates, Seasonal Templates, General, Sports, Travel, and Others Templates. And with these kinds of templates, you can create a lot of cards such as Photo Cards, Photo Holiday Card, Photo Christmas Card, and Photo Greeting Cards for most occasions.

various templates

Except for the self-contained card templates, you can also download much more from the website. All the downloaded card templates have been designed for general photo card. After downloading, you can import them into your Photo Card Maker and then start using directly.

Make photos much more funnier with texts

Do you want to show your opinions on the photos?

Do you want to input your wishes into the photos?

Photo Card Maker can help you get the goal, you can add text comment, wishes on the photos, and also adjust the font, color, size and position.

various templates

various templates

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