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Make a photo card for your loved Mother

Who is the person you love the most in this world?

Who is the person that loves you the most in this world?

Many ones will give the same answer, Mum. Yes, mother is the most inportant person for you in the world, you can tell her your confusion, your puzzle and other things. Mothers will give you their most unselfish love, their hearty suggestion, etc.

In a few days, Mother's Day is coming. In this memorable occasion, how to show your best wishes to your Mother?

Let Photo Card Maker help you.

Photo Card Maker is an easy to use greeting cards maker, with which, you can decorate your photos with kinds of templates, add and edit texts and other pictures editing options. Moreover, this photo card maker is a freeware, and its templates are free, too. So Photo Card Maker can help you make a Photo Card for Mother's Day easily.

Mother's Day Card 1 Mother's Day Card 3

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Multifunctional Photo Editing Software - Photo Card Maker

Support a lot of popular image formats

The current version of Photo Card Maker can supports kinds of photos in the format of Windows Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG), PNG (.PNG), TGA (.TGA), TIFF (.TIFF|.TIF), JP2 (.JP2|.J2K).

After you make the card successfully, you can also save them as JPG, BMP, PNG files.

Hundreds of templates for you to choose

There are some templates supported by this software, after you download, and you can use them directly. More templates you can download from the templates webstie. You can download free templates such as Christmas Templates, Cartoon Templates, General, Holiday Templates, Seasonal Templates, Sports, Travel, and Others Templates.

Now Kigosoft Inc. also released 2011 Mother's Day templates. You can download them and then import them into your PhotoCardMaker to use anywhere for uncommerical purpose.

Mother's Day templates

Update & Edit text provided by templates & Add text comments onto your photo

Most of the templates include greeting words. If you aren't satisfied with the texts’ font, size or color, you can change and adjust them.

If you don't like them, you can also delete them and add what you want to write.

This photo editor supports many font styles, whatever you like, you can choose one that fits you.

Move, resize and rotate photo

When you add photo, the photo may be not good. It is too big or too small for the template, or its direction is wrong. All the things may upset your process.

Don't worry. Photo Card Maker supporting moving, resizing and rotating photos as you like.

Import / Export templates

Do you want to design a template by yourself?

Sure, you can import the templates and do some editing options, and then save it. You can also export the template freely.

Photo Card Maker provides well-made templates for you to choose. With its easy and quick photo editing functions and flexible text editing function, you can create any free photo cards for Mother's Day.

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