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DIY a photo card for your Mum with Card Maker

There is no one to love you more than your Mother. Mother is the most important person in your entire life. When Mother's day is coming, it is the time for you to show your heart.

Why not try to DIY a photo card for your Mother?

If you find an appropriate helper, the DIY process isn't difficult at all.

DIY Card helper - Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is an easy and magic card Maker helper. With its templates, you can easily and quickly creat a photo card for any special or common occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanks giving Day, Valentine's Day and so on.

Main functions of Photo Card Maker

  1. It provides kinds of card templates for you, you can also download more from the template download website.
  2. You can change, edit or delete the text on ther template.
  3. You can add your own words on your photo card. You can also change the texts' font, color and size.
  4. You can adjust the photos for better visual effect by moving, resizing and rotating them.
  5. The most popular image formats like jpg, png, bmp, tiff are supported bt this software.
  6. You can import the new updated templates downloaded from the website, you can also export your saved new templates.

Anyway, with it, you can make unique photo cards for all occasions in a minute.

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How to DIY a photo card for Mum

First you need go to download the PhotoCardMaker.exe, install and run it. Moreover, you need to download the new released Mother's Day 2011 templates.

Step 1: Once you run the software, Click button "Select Template", all the templates are listed in the popup dialog.

Mother's Day templates

Choose "Mother's-Day" category, and double click one image to replace the current template.

Select a Mother's Day template

Step 2: Add & Adjust photos

Click button "Photo", Choose one photo in the popup dialog.

Choose a Photo to Photo Card Maker

And then the photo will be displayed on the top-left corner of the template.

Add a Photo to Photo Card Maker

Click or drag the photo to adjust the position and size.

Adjust a Photo to Photo Card Maker

Add another photo, and adjust the size and position like the former.

Add a Photo to Photo Card Maker

Step 3: Add or Edit the text

If you like, you can click button "Text" to input text on the template,or double_click the text to edit it.

Set the text on the Card for Mother's Day

This card maker supports kinds of texts editing functions. You can change the texts' Font, Color and size.

Set the text on the Card for Mother's Day

Step 4: Click button "Save" to save current image.

Card for Mother's Day

Download Now!