Make Birthday Cards with Photo Card Maker

Do you want to make a birthday card that will melt her heart? No problem.

Do you need invitations for your boss's surprise party next week? It's easy.

Do you want funny happy birthday greeting cards for your best friend's 30th and your nephew's 18th birthday? Look no further.

Without spending any money, Photo Card Maker can help you make a supply of distinct romantic, formal and funny birthday cards at your finger tips for anyone, at any time.

Key features of Birthday Card Maker - Photo Card Maker

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How to make a birthday card with Photo Card Maker

Here we will show you step by step on how to make a birthday card, for example, a birthday card as below, with Photo Card Maker. Please do as follows:

a well-designed birthday card

Step 1. Select a template

When launch the program, you will see the interface of Photo Card Maker with its default template. If you want other templates, click "Select Template" to choose another one. You can choose from Cartoon, General, Christmas, Holiday, Travel, Seasonal, Sport and Others category.

tempalte categories of Photo Card Maker  select a template

Step 2. Add and edit photo and text

Click "Photo" button, choose a photo from the pop-up and then click "Open" button. You'll see the photo shown on the top left corner of the template, and you can move, resize and rotate it to meet your needs.

select a photo  select a photo2

Click "Text" button to input text on the template, or double click the text to edit it. You can also set font, size, color and alignment of the text.

edit texts on photos

Step 3. Save the birthday card

Now you can click "Save" button to save this cute birthday card.

save a birthday card

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