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Create photo cards with free Photo Card Maker

Photo Card Maker is a powerful free card maker, helping you create photo cards full of you imagination and creativity. And with these well-designed photo cards, you can share your happy and special moments in your life with family or friends in a quite different way. The photo cards themselves are full of your care and friendship, and they are sure to be highly treasured by the lucky people who have received them.

No matter what kind of cards, wedding invitation cards, party invitation cards, cards for Dad on Father's Day, cards for Mum on Mother's Day, birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, save the date cards, all occasion cards can be well designed and made by free Photo Card Maker.

Cards for Mother's Day
Mother's Day Greeting Card

Choose a custom template inbuilt Photo Card Maker carefully, write blessing words from the heart, select a photo which captured a happy moment between your Mum and you, and blend them together perfectly and naturally. Simple but elegant, the photo card is enough to show your love to your Mum.

Thank you card
Thank you Card

Make a simple but meaningful thank you card to thank the one for his generous help. Surely, no one could refuse such an exquisite thank you card full of your friendship, and will accept it happily.

Greeting card
Holiday Greeting Card

Make a photo card to show your care and love to your dear family. It's not necessary to send something very big or precious, a simple photo card can well express your friendship to your special people.

With Photo Card Maker, you can also make such stylish and exquisite photo cards by yourself. You can make a baby announcement card to share your great happiness with your family and friends, a greeting card to a friend who is out of touch for long time, a Father's Day card to show your love to your father and more. Don't you think it's a very good way to preserve your special moments and share these moments with people you love around you?

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Features of free Photo Card Maker

Free photo card templates for you to make photo cards

Photo Card Maker builds in hundreds of colorful and diverse custom templates for you to choose. And if the texts of the template are not suitable for the topic of your photo card, you can rewrite or delete them. Besides, the templates always stay fresh with our continual updates. You can free download new templates and import them into Photo Card Maker, thus you will have more choices on templates when create your own photo cards.

Add text comments to your photo cards

With Photo Card Maker, you can add your emotional words onto your photo cards to express how much you care the friendship or affections between you two. Photo Card Maker prepares for you various font styles, font colors and font sizes, so you can edit text for your photo cards at will.

Move, resize, rotate photos

You can insert more photos one by one on the chosen template. Of course, you can move, resize and rotate these photos to better present your design ideas.

Drag and drop the photos to place them in a proper position. Adjust the photo's size by dragging the corner points of the frame of the selected photo. To rotate a photo, you should move the cursor to the corner of the photo, right click it, and then move you mouse.

The operations are very simple.

Though Photo Card Maker is a freeware, it is powerful and multifunctional enough to help you create a satisfactory photo card.

Why not have a try?

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