Make your pictures more beautiful and meaningful

Sometimes to love and to be love is one of life's most wondrous gifts. We must cherish this gift. How to give your loved ones a surprise?

This surprise can be very simple, a careful cooking dinner meal, a bunch of imaginative flowers, a handmade valentine greeting card.

Here we mainly talked about making a greeting card with your pictures for popular occasions. Photo Card Maker will be your fine choice, take Valentine pictures for example, you can find it is full of magic.

Photo Card Maker is full of magic, why?

First it comes with some general templates for users to decorate the images, moreover, it will release new card templates on the website from time to time. After you have download templates from our website, you need to import them into your PhotoCardMaker before using.

You can also design the template according to your preferences and save, then you can use the saved template directly. So it is very easy for you to create a greeting card for New Year, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Wedding, anniversaries or any occasions.

This free card maker make you use your own hands to decorate the pictures, you can add what you thought, your blessings, and so on. You can still change the texts' font, color and size. You can also add some interesting small clips to decorate the pictures.

Photo Card Maker is a freeware. It is very easy to use, the main options you use are on the interface, you can see all of them clearly.

If you only want to create a typical photo card, what you need to do is just select a photo. Then the photo card is finished. You could save the card as JPEG, BMP or PNG image files.

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Photo Card Maker new released Valentine card templates.

2011 Valentine's Day template 1 2011 Valentine's Day template 2 2011 Valentine's Day template 3 2011 Valentine's Day template 4
2011 Valentine's Day template 5 2011 Valentine's Day template 6 2011 Valentine's Day template 7 2011 Valentine's Day template 8

The treatment effect compared

The former is the primary picture, the later is the decorated pictures with Valentine templates by Photo Card Maker.

Sample 1: Single picture decorated

The primary pictures 2011 Valentine's Day pictures

The primary pictures 2011 Valentine's Day pictures

Sample 2: Melt two images

The primary pictures The primary pictures

After you add the templete to decorate the pictures, the finished picture is as follows:

2011 Valentine's Day pictures