Make a Photo Card for Valentine's Day, do it just by yourself

DIY, just as its name implies, do it yourself. Now more and more people turn their attention to environmental protection, energy saving and so on. So printable card sometimes isn't a wise choice.

Why not try make a photo card by yourself and then send them via email, it is also an economical way.

Now Valentine is around the corner and what's the best way to show love and appreciation to your loved ones?

Of course, sending a Valentine cards. If the cards are made by yourself, they may be more meaningful.

With Photo Card Maker, all the things get easy. DIY a card for Valentine Day isn't not an empty talk.

Photo Card Maker gives you much selectivity and autonomy, you can decide which pattern the card is, the color, the text, the content and so on.

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How to diy a valentine card with Photo Card Maker?

Don't worry, you can finish this very easily and quickly. Just follow the next 4 steps:

Step1: Download the software from the website, install and run it, you will see the following screenshot.

Step2: Select a valentine template from the category - "Valentine-2011".

First of all, you need to download them to import to the software. And then you can see them in the "Valentine-2011" category, just select one as you like.

Step3: Once you have selected the suited template, add a photo or photos, import the text you want to say.

To better effect, you will need to resize to fit into it. Once you have done, click off of the picture, and it will go 'under' the card.

To change the text comment, you can select it and adjust the font, content, color and size.

Step4: When completed, your finished project will save as an image format according to your need.

The finished greeting card for Valentine's Day with valentine templates:

Valentine Photo Card    2011 Valentine's Day Card

Valentine Photo Card    2011 Valentine's Day Card

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